Re: DNS: P Montgomery Report in CW

Re: DNS: P Montgomery Report in CW

From: Gary Oliver <gary.oliver§>
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 15:02:25 +1000

With respect to your budget reference, I think that dumbing down won't help
people either (a) develop accurate budgets (b) assist manage the scarce
resources is a goal of those budgets. There are 2 reasons for this (1)
unfamiliar expressions *do* become commonplace so careful explanation at
the outset repays the effort (2) loose expressions encourage people to
develop their own definitions and expectations. It seems to me that as a
member of ISOC-AU I should not stand back and let other people decide the
level of precision for an audience ; I have less respect for the editor
after your comments.

Warm regards

At 17:53 18/03/97 +1000, you wrote:
>Tom Minchin wrote:
>> Peter, you forgot to remind Paul that "the Web" is not the internet, nor
>> is it the DNS. M-IT isn't selling "Web addresses". You'd think a journalist
>> would know the difference, or at least try and find out (or stop asking
>> who don't know).  The AFR is typically guilty here, this was just the
>> Do we have to get Media Watch to embarrass you guys?
>*cowering under a rain of blows* hey, I didn't expect the Spanish
>Of course I know the difference between the Web and the Net.  The
>problem is, our audience at CW is supposed to be management types who
>make corporate decisions on buying things from IT vendors.  We have to
>dumb the technical stuff down to them, because as we all know that,
>according to the Dilbert Principle, managers are normal workers who are
>so incompetent that they are put in the place they can do the least
>Melbourne IT are selling addresses for sites on the Web.  This is all a
>manager understands.  You and I both know that's simplistic, but that's
>journalism, folks!  Managers don't care a jot about these kinds of
>technical issues.  They just want to know how it affects their budget. 
>Or so my editor keeps telling me, anyway.
>(BTW, If they ever make another movie about the Spanish Inquisition, I
>nominate Stuart Littlemore to play the Grand Inquisitor...)
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