DNS: In defence of Robert Elz

DNS: In defence of Robert Elz

From: Stewart Carter <edireport§attmail.com>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 22:50:53 +0000
Poor Robert Elz. After all his excellent and unstinting years of volunteer 
work as com. au domain administrator, he winds up vilified, maligned and 
recently, even named as a respondent to iinet's court action. 

To top it all off, postings to this list are now suggesting that because he is
an Australian, our  government, through the proposed powers of the proposed 
Australian Communications Authority, will have the legal authority to monster 
him out of his continuing IANA delegation as com.au domain name administrator.

I just can't see it working like that myself, and although I don't know Robert
personally, if I was in his place I would feel very disillusioned with all 
this, and inclined to just say stuff them all, and wait til IANA asks him 
whether or not he has agreed to the change in IANA delegation. He could well 
say no, and then where would we be? 

Wouldn't IANA want to see that both Robert and the Australian Internet 
community have agreed on the re-delegation?, and wouldn't the most convincing 
way for that to happen be for ISOC-AU to endorse the proposed ADNA as the body
to whom com.au authority should be delegated 

But why should ISOC-AU when they are just one amongst many in the ADNA, and 
when none of the Com.au registration monies (which must now be close to 
$1million in total) are going to them. 

Isn't it about time Melbourne IT was to announce some plans for sharing of the
com.au administration revenues with ISOC-AU? 

Cheers Stewart Carter edireport&#167;attmail.com 
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