DNS: Re: sponsorship of ISOC-AU

DNS: Re: sponsorship of ISOC-AU

From: Peter Gerrand <ceo§MelbourneIT.com.au>
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 18:38:21 +1000
Stewart Carter wrote:
> Isn't it about time Melbourne IT was to announce some plans for sharing of the
> com.au administration revenues with ISOC-AU?
> Cheers Stewart Carter edireport&#167;attmail.com


For your information, Melbourne IT did indeed make an offer to act as a
corporate sponsor of ISOC-AU, way back in November 1996, shortly after
commencing our commercial operations, and before ISOC-AU itself was
formally inaugurated.

George Michaelson's thoughtful response on 21 November 1996 was as
> Speaking for myself, as a member of ISOC-AU but not (yet :-) in any
> official capacity, That is a very gracious offer and I thank you for it.
> However I believe that ISOC-AU should have a defined role to play in
> oversight of DNS, and that we should seek to "justify" any cross funding
> on that basis, not just on the basis that M-IT as a commercial entity sees
> value in a strong ISOC-AU (which is smashing, and a very good view to hold!).
> This is unlike most funding issues with ISOC-AU: because we expect to seek
> a role in the process, the act of taking funds from an interested party
> needs to be very very carefully reviewed for all the implications that has
> on an emerging process.
> My fellow isoc-eers may feel this is overly cautious, but I do want us
> to have the *right* relationship with M-IT and DNS issues, and if we become
> the recipient of funds from you, we need to be sure we BOTH can accept the
> consequences of that flow of money. For instance, if we define there to be
> a need for a DNS impost globally, ISOC-AU might need to be seen to levy that
> equally across all players.
> In all other cases, I expect ISOC-AU to be seeking funding from industry at
> large, and on a clear understanding its "no strings" but because we expect to
> help legitemate the DNS process, and your companies role in it, I don't think
> its that simple in your case.
> Again, I stress this is MY PERSONAL VIEW. Nobody is really in a position to
> speak for ISOC-AU at this stage.
> Cheers
>         -George

I further note that the current ADNA proposals include the concept of
commercial DNAs paying a percentage of their DNA revenue (presumably
with a significant minimum threshold payment in return for their DNA
licence) in order to finance ADNA's operations.   


Professor Peter Gerrand
CEO, Melbourne IT
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