Re: DNS: How to fund (was April 4th ADNA meeting)

Re: DNS: How to fund (was April 4th ADNA meeting)

From: Stephen Baxter <steve§>
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 11:06:22 +1030 (CST)
One way of funding the ADNA would be by a levy on third levels approvals.
This is a user pays model to be levied against profit generating

The 2LD authority would post a levy to ADANA for the approval service in a
similar way that Telcos post tariffs to AUSTEL. ADANA could then levy x %
of the amount charged to the end user.

If you to give it away for free then there is no penalty. If you run a 2LD
that wishes to charge fee for service then you pay ADNA.

The posting of 'tariffs' would also prevent any confusion on what price is
a domain name and could act as a central 'shopping' point for future
owners of 3LDs. A simple rule for tariff changes could be put in place
such as 20 working days notice (for example).

To calculate x % it would be necessary to know how many domains in the
chargeable 2LD are approved every week.

Stephen Baxter

> > 4.  Applying for ACCC exemption, including submission, $20-25,000
> > 
> > 5.  Applying for ACA endorsement, impossible to say at this stage, but
> > using the ACCC as a guideline $20-25,000
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