Re: DNS: April 4th ADNA meeting

Re: DNS: April 4th ADNA meeting

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 08:40:25 +0800
Quoting Luke Carruthers:
| 4.  Applying for ACCC exemption, including submission, $20-25,000
| 5.  Applying for ACA endorsement, impossible to say at this stage, but
| using the ACCC as a guideline $20-25,000

Surely these costs would be one off, which draws the question - would the
membership fee for the non-profit organisations be a once off or recurring
cost? If by your proposal the majority of the cost is in the startup, this
should surely be covered by any proposed fee structure.
| 7.  Running .au name servers (part of the responsibility that goes along
| with the authority to allocate DNA's), anyone's guess, allowing for
| eventualities say $50,000

For $50,000, they'd have to be some pretty special name servers..

| 8.  Developing and running the central 3LD submission process (currently 
| run and paid for by AUNIC, including partial development to date), $15-20,000

Once again, this seems highly expensive. AUNIC software has pretty much
been written through the excellent volunteer efforts by Geoff Huston. Any
further development I'm assuming would be relatively trivial and wouldn't
amount to this price tag. Any infrastructure required to run AUNIC would
undoubtedly be covered by point 7.
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