Re: DNS: ADNA related meeting this Friday 4th - "is this haste unseemly"?

Re: DNS: ADNA related meeting this Friday 4th - "is this haste unseemly"?

From: Craig Bishop <csb§>
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 1997 17:31:18 +1000
Simon Hackett wrote:
> First, let me note that the following comments are made entirely as an
> individual, not as a representative of anyone else. 

Same here.

> As I sit here, having paid for my airline tickets to Sydney to attend the
> "DNS Forum" meeting, I find myself seriously wondering what the outcome of
> the day can look like.
> I find myself wondering this because the existence of a body such as is
> intended in the draft proposals for the ADNA is, surely, critically
> dependent on both perceived, and actual, support from the community of
> interest related to it.

I also have a ticket but am wondering the value of attending (at this

Connect manages the 2LD of and I was intending to attend and
represent the interests of Connect and the people we service via the domain.

Can the forum achieve very much while crippled by the current court

I would much rather put off attending a meeting on this until a
resolution can be reached, and I do not believe one can be reached
until all the parties can participate.

Cheers, Craig
Concerned (and too busy to waste time)

Craig Bishop - Technical Manager
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