Re: DNS: Suggestion for Melbourne IT

Re: DNS: Suggestion for Melbourne IT

From: James Robinson <james§>
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 22:20:44 +1000
Chris Kakris wrote:
> Brett - Yes I agree.
> Also, why must I wait 10 days before I get any
> feedback telling me that I forgot to dot my Is and cross my Ts?
> I am happy to wait 10 days (well I'm not really) if I know that
> it is going to be *completed* in 10 days.  A simple email response
> within the first day telling me that everything is ok would be a
> big improvement.

That is the total reason i now deal directly with internic, not M.IT. 
Since early in the new year, all the domains i have registered, in the
.com domain, have been FULLY completed, on average, within 36 hours of
application.  Errors on my part, dotting my I's and crossing my T's, are
usually picked up within hours, so corrected VERY quickly.

The fasted application was processed within 2 hours!  The longest 3
days. (oh damn!)

It's so nice to deal with an organisation that is professional, and
knows what they are doing.

Also the ability to track the application, the billing...all sorts of
things... is fantastic.  And to be emailed an invoice AFTER the domain
name is working is the correct and proper way to do things.  Also the
ability to pay for this by credit card over the phone using their
automated system is brilliant.

I strongly urge everyone to consider not registering in the
domain until there is another player.  Deal only with internic...once
you do you will understand why!

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