Re: DNS: Suggestion for Melbourne IT

Re: DNS: Suggestion for Melbourne IT

From: Chris Kakris <christos§>
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 14:02:53 +1100
Brett - Yes I agree.

Also, why must I wait 10 days before I get any
feedback telling me that I forgot to dot my Is and cross my Ts?
I am happy to wait 10 days (well I'm not really) if I know that
it is going to be *completed* in 10 days.  A simple email response
within the first day telling me that everything is ok would be a
big improvement.


>Things have been a bit quiet on this list so even though I probably should
>have sent this direct to Melbourne IT I thought I might put it to the list
>so that everybody doesn't forget its here.
>Do you think it would be a good idea for Melbourne IT to send an email
>acknowledgement that they have received your cheque and processing has
>begun, and perhaps even give the date they should be meeting for their
>service guarantee?
>We have had a couple of instances where we have been expecting an answer
>back only to find later that they had a holiday we didn't know about or that
>the cheque wasn't received as quickly as would be expected or we had used a
>wrong form (and no official form at all, because we didn't know there was
>one to begin with).  Basically if we had known something was amiss we could
>have fixed it and adjusted our expectations instead of mumbling under our
>breath and having a go at Melbourne IT for not delivering in manner that we
>would have said was "on time".
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