Re: DNS: Suggestion for Melbourne IT

Re: DNS: Suggestion for Melbourne IT

From: Antony <antony§>
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 13:45:46 +1000 (EST)
> We have had a couple of instances where we have been expecting an answer
> back only to find later that they had a holiday we didn't know about or that
> the cheque wasn't received as quickly as would be expected or we had used a
> wrong form (and no official form at all, because we didn't know there was
> one to begin with).  Basically if we had known something was amiss we could
> have fixed it and adjusted our expectations instead of mumbling under our
> breath and having a go at Melbourne IT for not delivering in manner that we
> would have said was "on time".

I recently had to deal with MelbourneIT for the first time. After having
made the submissions, as far as I was aware, MelbourneIT would invoice those
clients for their .COM.AU domain as is standard business practice.

After much waiting, I decided to email MelbourneIT only to be told that they
do not send out invoice and that the client should just send their cheque

Obviously they don't realise that many companies do not and will not send a
payment without a purchase order or an invoice. M.IT pointed me to a page
which had an 'online invoice'. This 'invoice' page was/is not linked to the
submissions page as far as I am aware and I have not been happy at all with
my dealings with them.

Standard procedures seem to mean nothing.

I now had to have the invoices printed and posted out at my expense,
something which should have been their expense, along with apologies for
delays in clients "10 day turnarounds".


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