Re: DNS: ADNA Memoranda & Articles

Re: DNS: ADNA Memoranda & Articles

From: Skeeve Stevens <skeeve§>
Date: Fri, 9 May 1997 19:02:56 +1000 (EST)
You, Geoff Huston, shaped the electrons to say:
+I see no reason whatsoever I should pay personal money from
+my bank account for a role I undertake as a volunteer and
+a function that is undertaken without cost. So its not
+going to happen.

i did bring up the points at the meeting that certain DNA's should be given
exemption of the licence fee assuming they were to remain free... suggested
were,, and (as well as
+Is the entire concept of ADNA broken? I'm not sure, but
+certainly in its current incarnation I see no way I can
+ever play within its structures even if I possibly wanted

I am of the opinon that like and some other intiaa people are trying to railroad
the ADNA into existance.

They wanted the ADNA created 3 weeks after the last meeting, but we wernt going
to let that happen.

INTIAA is trying to gain a lot of credability and control of representation of
the Internet Industry at the moment and the ADNA is just one manifestation.

Intiaa/luke have no problem throwing around figures like $5000 or so... because
they, and intiaas members can afford it. I am quite sure luke is not as pleased
as he would like to have been with the way the DNS meetings have been going.

He/they has to realise we are going to throughly disect what plans they have
for ADNA and anything else.

ADNA is a decent idea... but im not concinced it has to be so complicated.

One amusing note of the last meeting was how luke wanted ADNA to also be 
responsible or have control over domain names outside the .au space (.net .com
etc) that were used in Australia.

They was put to a stop very quickly.

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