Re: DNS: Points for disscussion at the meeting 16\05\97

Re: DNS: Points for disscussion at the meeting 16\05\97

From: Skeeve Stevens <skeeve§>
Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 00:35:41 +1000 (EST)
You, Greg Slapp, shaped the electrons to say:
+Nick Andrew wrote:
+The comments raised by whippet are quite valid and I think that you 
+have been uneccessarily rude to him/her.

I didnt think whippets message even warrented a response... but since youve 
started.. ill happily join in.

I agree with nick.. but ill be a little more direct in my opinions.


You lost out.. First come first serve.. tough luck.

You only had a business name registered in victoria... i can go register as a business name in NSW. You want to cover it nationally, spend
the $1000 and register a shelf company... if not.. shut up about it.

+Your superficial response highlights the overwhelming pre-occupation 
+with the technical aspects of domain name delegation without 
+consideration of legal or commercial perspectives.

legal? there are none... commercial? someone else had the same idea.. oh my.
+Whippet's problem should be a discussion point for the DNS forum, 
+since it highlights the lack of control or guidance being offered to 
+those taking the commercial perogative of registering a virtual trading 

Its not worth the time we are discussing it here.
+I don't really care whether whippet has applied for,, 

nor do i care.
+National Marketing Co-Ordinator
+Australasian Web Publishers Association

ahh i heard about these guys... lame.

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