Re: DNS: Points for disscussion at the meeting 16\05\97

Re: DNS: Points for disscussion at the meeting 16\05\97

From: Greg Slapp <fnq§>
Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 00:20:40 +1000
Nick Andrew wrote:

> Forwarding a message from whippet:
> > The following a relevent points for discussion at the upcoming
> > meeting re dns allocations
> I don't think so. You would like to involve everybody in your
> private feud. The DNS forum is not a forum for resolution of
> disputes. It isn't even for discussion of domain policies like that
> which is evidently following. It is all about the
> management of the .au namespace, which is not directly relevant to
> your problem.

The comments raised by whippet are quite valid and I think that you 
have been uneccessarily rude to him/her.

Your superficial response highlights the overwhelming pre-occupation 
with the technical aspects of domain name delegation without 
consideration of legal or commercial perspectives.

Whippet's problem should be a discussion point for the DNS forum, 
since it highlights the lack of control or guidance being offered to 
those taking the commercial perogative of registering a virtual trading 

"Management of the namespace" involves responsibility as well as 
authority, and it requires an empathy with the legal issues that affect 
those who participate in it. 

I don't really care whether whippet has applied for,, 
or any other possible variant. My concern is that there does not 
appear to be an avenue of appeal, let alone a framework for 
interpreting the rights of the various parties. The DNS forum should 
take this issue on board as a relevant aspect of the environment they 
are determining the management principles for.

Anything less, and it will just be another bunch of pointy heads 
getting together to discuss a utopian expectation of life in 
cyberspace without the annoying interference of reality. 


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