Re: DNS: Points for disscussion at the meeting 16\05\97

Re: DNS: Points for disscussion at the meeting 16\05\97

From: Scott Howard <scott§>
Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 22:33:20 +1000 (EST)
> I have recently noticed your application for the Internet domain name
> "".
> I have an Australian Registered Business No.1321533N registered as
> "".

Are you a network provider??  No??  Then perhaps you should look at (which, not supprisingly, isnt taken).

Failing that, if you really desire a domain, you could try, which fits in much more nicely with the
Domain Policy than does.

As for what the relevant docuement, the " Domain Policy" says, well...

(From, last updated

The listing service of names within the delegated name space is
undertaken on a First Come - First Served basis. The Internet
Registry Service does not trade in, or license in any way any entity
(including the listing requesting entity) to trade in the requested name.

Acceptance of the listing entry by the delegated authority confers no rights
to the applicant regarding the legitimacy or otherwise of the association of
the name with the applicant, nor does it confer to the applicant any other
rights associated with ownership of the name, or any rights to its use.

No adjudication is made within the Internet Registry as to
whether the applicant has a legitimate right to a name. The applicant in
lodging the request for a name informs the delegated authority that they
are asserting a claimed right to a name.

As for the relevence of this for the DNS forum??  None at all.

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