DNS: Where is this all heading

DNS: Where is this all heading

From: Brett Caird <brettc§bit.net.au>
Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 11:00:18 +1000
Well, I'm about to hop in my car and start driving down to Sydney for the
DNS meeting and couple of other reasons.

I don't care if the ADNA is not officially formed tomorrow provided
significant positive progress towards it is made, but if major stakeholders
don't show up, what is the point of the meeting?

Mailing lists are great for discussion, but it is difficult to close the
sale.  We need to know what we want, and once that is extablished we need to
get together and have a meeting to nut out the final details and make it

If we are going to have stakeholders not showing up because the ADNA concept
is broken and they don't want to make its formation official we are just
going to waste more time.

Take the official formation off the agenda if its not ready.  But we need
the people who count to be there to fix what's broken otherwise there is
little point.



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