DNS: Will the meeting acheive anything

DNS: Will the meeting acheive anything

From: Stephen Baxter <steve§senet.com.au>
Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 10:35:01 +0930 (CST)
With all of these people coming out at the last hour and claiming that
ADNA is broken is the meeting still on!

If the meeting is on - will it actually acheive anything ?
Is there any common ground on ADNA that the .edu.au side and the ADNAites
can find. 

Can any suggestions be made by those who do not like the ADNA propossal
for something different.
If the MoA says that .edu.au, csiro.au and the other non commercial
domians can motor along as normal where is the problem. If this is written
to the rules what is wrong !

ADNA as I read it is there to put a formal structure behind what kre is
doing now. With all of the not for profit groups involved surely this will
safegauard the .au namespace.

>      I concur with Geoff.  I've had several off-list email exchanges with Luke.
>      Those of us involved at the edu.au end are less than comfortable with the 
>      proposal and our colleagues in csiro.au feel the same way.  Collectively we 
>      represent a very substantial portion of the Internet user base in 
>      Australia.
>      The clause in the MoA to allow the DNA(s) of the "non-commercial" domains 
>      to operate without aditional costs, does not offer adequate protection to 
>      or recourse by the sectors covered by these second level domains.
>      As I stated to Luke, the AVCC has up until now been keeping a low profile 
>      on this issue, as we believed the initial emphasis was on the "commercial" 
>      domains.  We would want to ensure that the current arrangement are not 
>      changed, or any future arrangements imposed, without representation from 
>      the edu.au sector.
>      Unfortunately, I have another commitment on 16May in Melbourne and will not 
>      be able to attend the meeting. I restate that I shre Geoff's views, and 
>      similar sentiments made by others.
>      George McLaughlin

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