DNS: Let sleeping dogs be (was: False representation...)

DNS: Let sleeping dogs be (was: False representation...)

From: Glen Turner <glen.turner§itd.adelaide.edu.au>
Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 10:04:31 +0930
Manager - ICENet (otherwise known as BK) wrote:
> WOW ...if the following is true then talk about FALSE
> REPRESENTATION from SOME or is it again the ONE ISP !!!

What purpose does this serve other than to stir the pot?

It certainly isn't encouraging a co-operative atmosphere
for the resolution of the difficulties in administering
the Domain Name System in Australia.

Based on today's previous messages, Michael Malone and Peter
Gerrand are obviously trying to redevelop a working

Why do you seek to discourage such a healthy development?

It is time this list moved on.  The issues facing ADNA are
more broad than a legal dispute that both sides have agreed
to not pursue.

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