Re: DNS: Draft selection criteria for new DNAs and 2LDs

Re: DNS: Draft selection criteria for new DNAs and 2LDs

From: Leni Mayo <leni§>
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 1997 11:09:44 +1000
Kevin Dinn wrote:
> Well, whether we call it "Terms and Conditions" or "Code of Conduct" it
> still has to be put in writing pretty soon. Why can't all this stuff (ie.
> the rules under which DNAs operate) just all be put in one document that
> DNAs sign, we can think of a name for it later.

If everyone agrees, sure it'll go in there.  But I was thinking the code
of conduct would be something that the general public would be able to
read and understand.

I'd imagine a "Terms and Conditions" document signed by successful DNAs
might have a bunch of stuff in there that consumers wouldn't care about,
like the legal relationship between DNAs, ADNA and the central
repository.  The CORE-MOU is
an example.  Incidentally, here's what that document says about pricing:

Article 6b: "Each Registrar may charge such fees, if any, as it
determines, in its reasonable discretion, for the services it performs."

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