Re: DNS: ADNA's first decisions - Minuted

Re: DNS: ADNA's first decisions - Minuted

From: Stephen Baxter <steve§>
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 21:23:20 +0930 (CST)
> You clearly state your ambit claim, I'll give you that. Does this mean
> that assuming transferance completed, you would decide of your own accord
> to create new domain names, irrespective of wider debate? Can you explain
> how non-financial parties can have any meaningful input into your processes?


All of the above relates to an organisation that is made up of non-profit
bodies (they have the voting power) while affiliate members can still
attend meetings (as can anybody) and propose motions.

When you say 'you' do you mean ADNA ?
ADNA is not somebody, it is a whole bunch of 'groups' who beleive that the
process of management under .au requires more than one person. It has one
person now - ADNA attempts to get more than one person managing that name
space through meaningful disscussion of all the issues.

What is bad about a bunch of non-profit groups in this role ?

There are process in train now to set up the policies for the acceptance
of 'worthy' parties as DNAs. This list is frequented very much by Robert
Elz. New DNAs are needed for not only competition in the present
commercial domains but also for running any new domains that may be
introduced. The discussion on what would make a good new domain name has
not even started yet if it will it all.

> How exactly do you see existance of and resolving problems in
> any meaningful way?

We haven't yet ! This has not even been on the books for ADNA to discuss.
ADNA has a stated policy of first and then the rest later.
However I am sure if it comes time for that then we will do the usual
thing for all geeks to do who have a committee/board - we shall make a
mailling list ! Then we can all discuss it.

Some people in ADNA see more 2LDs as a good thing while alot see this
as creating more confusion and decreasing the value of present
'commerical' spaces and therefore indirectly even placing them at risk.

> If it takes spending $100 to become able to 'speak' to ADNA, I suppose I
> can decide to do that, but its a rather sorry day for the Internet.
> I'd also like to see KRE's comments from source, and not third hand in a
> press statement. I really do think it would clarify things. Will you be
> asking him to comment in some public sense?
> -George

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