DNS: Clarification....

DNS: Clarification....

From: Robert Dal Santo <robert§psy.uq.edu.au>
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 17:44:46 +1000
	I can't be the only one who sees lots of long and quite well written messages 
about ADNA, ISOC, .COM.AU, AU, DNAs, 2LDs etc

	Having just read the articles of incorporation on the intiaa Web
page I'm trying to simplify this complex issue in my mind.

	Could someone answer the following for me:

	What are the current problems with DNA in Australia right now?

	Do the current volunteer DNAs for the other 2LDs feel they can't
	continue to provide quality service for their 2LD? ie, do they want
	out of the job?

	Does the current DNA for .AU feel he can't provide the service as 
	a volunteer anymore? ie does he want out of the job? 

	Who are the current DNAs answerable to?

	Who will ADNA be answerable to? 

	How will ADNA fix the problems that exist right now?

	How do other countries manage the TLD and 2LDs?

	I think the answers tho the above questions will go a ways to clarify whats 
going on here and whats needs to be done and what is being done.


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