Re: DNS: What is wanted?

Re: DNS: What is wanted?

From: Larry Singer <larry§>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 10:59:16 +1000
> Michael Malone made a few proposals:

Proposal Three

That the board of ADNA delegate all decisions for each 2LD for which it
responsibility to a sub-committee appointed to handle that domain. The
sub-committee is then responsible for all policies for that domain and only
that domain. The board is then responsible for running ADNA itself and
making sure the sub-committees are effective, representative, etc.

- Each sub-committee is chaired by a board member.
- All sub-committee decisions must be ratified by the board.
- How to appoint members of sub-committees.
- How sub-committees work together.
- Sub-committees responsible for more than one 2LD, e.g. and
- .au sub-committee.

Please note: This proposes a structure for ADNA, not what responsibility it
has or over what domains.

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