Re: DNS: ADNA's first decisions - Minuted

Re: DNS: ADNA's first decisions - Minuted

From: Larry Singer <larry§>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 10:11:33 +1000
>>   [.au]
>>    [.au]

> www.coke.web   [.au]
>   [.au]
> [.au]

> Will how people use the system ever change the system? Who is the
> system for?

What people are doing here is trying to find the company's page based on
their well known name(s). This suggests to me that we need a search engine
that you type in the well known name and it finds the company's site(s),
not every instance of the word. So if you type in coke it comes up with
their sites. Maybe as the DNS forum we should be lobbying people like
Lycos, Yahoo, Netscape, MS, etc to create a tool/directory that provides
this facility. It needs to be faster than the current search engines and
more reliable than guessing the URL.
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