Re: DNS: DNA Code of Practice Draft #4

Re: DNS: DNA Code of Practice Draft #4

From: Michael Malone <mmalone§>
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 1997 12:07:29 +0800
> This clause doesn't prevent a DNA selling names in a 3LD, it just allows
> other ADNA DNAs to do so as well.

Shrug.  I don't see it as necessary.  If we forget that ID.AU
exists, then what happens at the 3LD level is really not of

> The example was someone registering and then
> exclusively selling and
> I'm not sure that 3LDs are important either, especially given the
> changes taking place at the TLD level, but I thought I'd put it in
> just in case.  Any other opinions?

Sure.  Just ignore it.  The question is "what rules regulate
the aquisition of domains in".  If you want to suggest
the policy for this domain include " domains may not be
resold" (expand), then suggest away, but I don't think it would

> Brings up an interesting point though, that names registered in "ADNA"
> domains come with certain protections - like some confidence that a DNA
> will be around to service it.  Names registered in non-ADNA domains
> don't have the same protections, and the distinction should be made
> clear to the customer.

Only if you are hoping for law suits.  Implying that there is
no guarantee that other DNA's may not be around probably isn't
that good an idea :-)

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