Re: DNS: Minutes of 2nd ADNA Board Meeting

Re: DNS: Minutes of 2nd ADNA Board Meeting

From: Kevin Dinn <kevin§>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 13:38:27 +1000
>2.  The consistency problem.  Flexibility is an asset in people,
>consistency is an asset in computers.  If we accept that there will
>be multiple DNAs in the commercial 2LDs, the only way to ensure
>consistent application of the rules is to automate them.  Even with
>the best will in the world and clear guidelines and lists, twenty
>individuals at twenty DNAs will not apply the rules consistently.
>The end result with be some DNAs approving names that others reject.
>A lawyers picnic.
>My belief is that we want public trust in the domain name system  -
>that it is consistent, fair, equitable and reliable, - and public
>disputes, although never one hundred percent unavoidable, will be
>Regards, Mark


I agree with these points as ideals but as Peter pointed out in our
technical tour before the ADNA meeting it appears to be impossible to run
DNAs without making subjective decisions. Lets see if I understood the
issues correctly:

For example, lets assume is available and Zip Hot Water Pty Ltd
and Zip Couriers (not pty ltd) applied for domains. An automated system
would say - OK, well *you* can have and *you*
can have because this is as smart as an automated
system could be. But then they say "but I want!", so what do the
DNAs do? If we have very very strict rules which allow them no leeway then
there is nothing to worry about - the applicants get the above names or
nothing but I don't think many applicants will be happy with this.
Alternatively we leave the DNAs to make judgements on allowing parts of
names which is what Melbourne IT do and then you have a situation where one
DNA might approve something that another wouldn't. 

This appears unavoidable to me - anyone know better?


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