Re: DNS: Minutes of 2nd ADNA Board Meeting

Re: DNS: Minutes of 2nd ADNA Board Meeting

From: Richard Archer <rha§>
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 1997 17:04:42 +1000

At 13:38 +1000 3/9/97, Kevin Dinn wrote:

>For example, lets assume is available and Zip Hot Water Pty Ltd
>and Zip Couriers (not pty ltd) applied for domains. An automated system
>would say - OK, well *you* can have and *you*
>can have because this is as smart as an automated
>system could be. But then they say "but I want!", so what do the

The current policy allows abbreviations of company names, and this policy
is easily coded. From the COM_AU policy document:

This means that the domain name can only be derived from the characters
  in the full legal name of the commercial entity in the order in which
  they appear. Additional characters that do not appear in the full legal
  name of the commercial entity cannot be used.

There is no objectivity involved in implementing the current policy with
regards to your example... each company's application for ''
would be accepted, unless it was rejected under other criteria.  For
example, 'zip' is a generic word describing both a product and a fastener
industry, and could be rejected on these grounds.

The big problem with objectivity is going to be in defining the list of
generic words describing products, industry sectors and organisations.

There is also a problem with the current policy... would the domain
'' be approved? The policy document states 'generic phrases
comprising of two or more generic words are allowed', so I guess they have
to allow it.

This problem would also be resolved by having a definitive list of names
which are not allowed.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Archer.

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