DNS: Relocation of APNIC

DNS: Relocation of APNIC

From: Sally NOONAN <Sally.Noonan§dedt.qld.gov.au>
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 1997 17:29:57 +1000
Dear Luke

I am wrting from the Investment Office within the Queensland Department
of Economic Development and Trade.  The role of the Investment Office is
to contribute to the Economic Development of Queensland through the
attraction of foreign investment and the relocation of strategic
industries, including regional headquaters, to Queensland.

We have been approached by the Asia Pacific Network Information Center
(APNIC) who are considering relocating their operations from Tokyo to
Brisbane.  I would be grateful for any infoamtion you may be able to
provide me about the potential advantages to the local (ie Brisbane) IT
industry of attracting APNIC to Brisbane. 

I am also aware that there is a proposal for an AUNIC.  I would be
interested in your views on any implications that having APNIC in
Australia may have for AUNIC.  

I have accessed the web sites of both APNIC and AUNIC, but
unfortunately, as a layperson I am having quite a lot of difficultly
making sense of them.


>Sally Noonan

>Senior Investment Officer
>Investment Office
>Project and Investment Development Division
>Department of Economic Development and Trade
>Ph:    3224 4224
>Fax:   3229 7348
>E-mail: sally.noonan&#167;dedt.qld.gov.au
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