Re: DNS: Relocation of APNIC

Re: DNS: Relocation of APNIC

From: Boz Cappie <B.Cappie§>
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 1997 19:08:12 +1000
On Monday, Sally Noonan, Senior Investment Officer at the Project and
Investment Development Division, QLD Department of Economic Development and
Trade wrote:

>Dear Luke
>I am wrting from the Investment Office within the Queensland Department
>of Economic Development and Trade.  The role of the Investment Office is
>to contribute to the Economic Development of Queensland through the
>attraction of foreign investment and the relocation of strategic
>industries, including regional headquaters, to Queensland.
>We have been approached by the Asia Pacific Network Information Center
>(APNIC) who are considering relocating their operations from Tokyo to
>Brisbane.  I would be grateful for any infoamtion you may be able to
>provide me about the potential advantages to the local (ie Brisbane) IT
>industry of attracting APNIC to Brisbane.
>I am also aware that there is a proposal for an AUNIC.  I would be
>interested in your views on any implications that having APNIC in
>Australia may have for AUNIC.
>I have accessed the web sites of both APNIC and AUNIC, but
>unfortunately, as a layperson I am having quite a lot of difficultly
>making sense of them.
>>Sally Noonan
>>Senior Investment Officer
>>Investment Office
>>Project and Investment Development Division
>>Department of Economic Development and Trade
>>Ph:    3224 4224
>>Fax:   3229 7348
>>E-mail: sally.noonan&#167;

Whoops. There goes any confidentiality that APNIC might have been wanting
to maintain.

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