Re: Re DNS: Yellow Pages rule, OK!

Re: Re DNS: Yellow Pages rule, OK!

From: ramin <ramin§>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 11:37:38 +1100
Peter Gerrand wrote:
> Andrew
> Thank you for drawing my attention (and that of the dns mailing list!) to
> those anomalies, which I take very seriously. I have investigated the
> examples you gave, this morning, and am satisfied that no unethical "money
> or influence" or "racket" (to quote Ramin) has taken place in the Bureau's
> decisions. The old adage of Australian politics - "given the choice of a
> conspiracy or a stuff-up as the explanation, go for a stuff-up every time"
> - is equally applicable here.

I guess an abbreviated public version of my private response to Peter is

A "racket" does not have to involve money and may be something as simple
an "old boys club" informal operation without any implied explicit or
implicit arrangements (can even be viewed as pseudo random stuff ups).

So consult (as in www.consult) is not a good or service (it would be
is not an industry sector (again it would be consulting), is not an
organisation type (consultant, consulting) yet it was specifically
as per an email i got directly from ceo&#167;MelbourneIT this year.

Peter, this is about inconsistency and frustration.  You should also
note the
big IF STATEMENT in the post.  I have not accused or implied MelbourneIT
money (other than business as usual peanuts). I am however concerned
that this
is what you read into it! ...But i can talk firsthand about
the trouble i am having getting my Trademark as a domain name.
I was also a little surprised that MagnaData appeared to be involved in
cases (i recall someone from Magna, Ljuke?, sitting/chairing all those
meetings) but probably just a coincidence.

> 2.and 3. Concerning 'lawyers' and 'barristers', the legal advice we
> received at the time was that names of professions are not goods or
> services, or industry sectors, or organisation types, and therefore are
> acceptable under the policies in place since 17 January 1997 (when the
> earlier policy excluding all common words was changed, with endorsement
> from the intiaa dns forum). 
ramin marzbani
www.consult pty limited

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