Re: Re DNS: Yellow Pages rule, OK!

Re: Re DNS: Yellow Pages rule, OK!

From: Peter Gerrand <ceo§>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 13:32:00 +1100
At 11:37 11/11/97 +1100, ramin wrote:
>I was also a little surprised that MagnaData appeared to be involved in
>cases (i recall someone from Magna, Ljuke?, sitting/chairing all those
>meetings) but probably just a coincidence.


Let me assure you, and the mailing list, that no preferential treatment is
given to any ISP in allocating domain names, other than equally to
about 220 Participating ISPs (who receive optional access to Top Level
turn-around service, under terms and conditions described on the Melbourne
IT website).

The fact that Magna Data is usually one of the top five highest volume
purchasers of domain names each month may account statistically for
their being the Technical Contact for two out of the four cases cited. On
the other hand the selection of those four examples was probably not
carried out randomly - in which case it's not possible to test your
hypothesis statistically. Perhaps Magna Data has more law firms as
customers than the other top ISPs?? Who knows?

As you are clearly interested in achieving more consistency, fairness and
competition in the implementation of DNS policy in this country, I would
have thought you'd be appreciative of Luke's efforts, first through the
intiaa DNS Forum and now through chairing ADNA, to achieve exactly that.   

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