Re: DNS: Minutes of ADNA Board Meeting #3, 5.11.97

Re: DNS: Minutes of ADNA Board Meeting #3, 5.11.97

From: Peter Gerrand <ceo§>
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 16:04:15 +1100
At 01:55 15/11/97 +1100, Antony Healey wrote:
>> If the public response is sufficiently favorable, ADNA will then seek the
>> .au Administrator (Robert Elz)'s approval to proceed with their early
>> implementation. 
>What exactly constitutes a "sufficiently favourable" response? You could get
>three responses all saying "Yes, we'd love that" and whilst that is a 100%
>favourable response, it is hardly a just or fair measure.
>Could a line be drawn for this please?
I guess this will be a matter of judgement for (1) the ADNA Board, and
subsequently (2) KRE.

My personal view is that given that the proposed new 2LDs (a) are designed
to meet known end-user demand, and (b) will increase both DNA competition
and customer choice in the commercial DNS, the ADNA Board would want to
hear convincing arguments against the proposals rather than count the
number of assenting voices. However I cannot speak for the ADNA Board until
they have made a decision on this.

I do note that the International Telecommunication Union are advocating
creation of .tm.CC domains behind every top level Country Code (CC) domain,
as well as the creation of a top level .tm domain.

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