Re: DNS: Leni Mayo's questions

Re: DNS: Leni Mayo's questions

From: Peter Gerrand <ceo§>
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 17:26:35 +1100
At 18:01 10/11/97 +1100, Leni Mayo wrote:
>Peter -
>I note with regret that there is no place independent of M-IT to whom
>ramin can raise the issue of operational compliance with policy.  This
>may unnecessarily place the technical contacts in a compromising

ADNA is the obvious industry body to take on this role. I support ADNA's
setting up an independent committee to monitor policy compliance by all
DNAs under .au

>A follow-up question: under M-IT's letter of agreement, who is finally
>and ultimately responsible for defining policy?
Melbourne IT as the DNA has the functional responsibility for defining the policies (which we have always done quite explicitly on our
website). However under our agreement with the Administrator of the .au
domain (Robert Elz), we will not make any changes to the naming
policy without first seeking review from a body representing the internet
community, followed by his own endorsement. Therefore, Robert is the 'final
and ultimate' authority; just as he is for all the .au 2LDs.

Melbourne IT has used firstly intiaa's DNS Forum, and then subsequently
ADNA, as that 'body representing the internet community'.  Any requests to
change current policy will be referred by us to the ADNA Board for

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