DNS: The new .au.com namespace

DNS: The new .au.com namespace

From: Larry Bloch <larry§netregistry.com.au>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 16:50:20 +1100

I take your concerns very seriously and would be echoing them if I was on
your side of the fence.

These questions are important for any DNA to answer.

In reply to your first question below:
1.	NetRegistry will offer a FREE DNS hosting service to all registered
.au.com names should this be required. This will include FREE web
forwarding (A and CNAMES).

2.	Delegations away from our DNS servers will be FREE OF CHARGE and
AUTOMATIC once the applicant is verified or at the point of registration.
IOW you will be able to request delegation to your DNS servers at any time
via a secure web page which works in real time (so the only wait is
nameserver reboots and propagation delays).

In reply to your second:
1.	In the event that we do go bust (and we are very well financed) I am
sure that the liquidators will have no difficulty in finding a company to
take over a service where the only administrative burden is collecting a
fee from every domain owner once a year (assuming they cease selling new
.au.com names).
2.	We are open to suggestions that will ease any concerns the Internet
industry may have in this regard.

Moreover, I would like to state here that this is a serious long term
commitment by myself and my partners. I started and built domain name
companies in the UK and France - both of which are the largest domain
registrars in their respective countries (http://www.netbenefit.co.uk/

Our intention is to establish .au.com as a credible, cost effective and
efficient Australian DNA, servicing both the needs of the Internet
community and the ISP industry. We believe that a sound, commercial
Internet industry demands a sound, commercially motivated DNA to ensure
that ISP's can concentrate on their core business. Domain registration
should be no more than a minor technical process, requiring very little
resources or input from the ISP.

The trend in naming is away from legacy national TLD's towards a more
global policy as demonstrated by the new gTLD's. We believe .au.com has a
role to play in providing naming diversity in Australia.

Larry Bloch

>I assume you just happen to be offering hosting of these names as well. If
>so, and a customer ever moves elsewhere, will you delegate names within
>au.com to the  new host (which may well be one of your competitors), and
>how much would you charge for delegation alone?
>What arrangements have you made to ensure the names will continue if your
>company should ever go out of business?
>These are the key reasons why I always advise my clients to get an
>"official" name, usually within .com.au or .com. Less important ones are
>that your name is less memorable and that your name gives away your ISP to
>anyone in the know.
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