RE: DNS: Domain Registration in Australia

RE: DNS: Domain Registration in Australia

From: Jim Hawthorn <jimh§>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 14:25:39 -0000
Thank you for that would you be able to advise me how I can register
possibly as an ARBN? Can this be done from the UK or are there
agents in AU who can arrange this? What are the costs usually!
I am very grateful for your help and prompt reply

Best Regards Jim

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  | Could you please clarify the following situation. We would like to
  | register a domain name in Australia for a UK business. We have been told
  | that in order to register in Australia we need to provide an ACN number
  | i.e. to formally register the company in Australia. Here in the UK we
  | can register
  | private individuals, sole traders and partnerships, surely the same
  | applies in Australia? If you can provide me with a definitive answer I
  | would be most grateful.

The same is true here (for domains, the rules vary amongst
different sub-domains), but the domain name must be derived from a
name registered in AU (by its owner).  That can be a company name
(which will almost always have an ACN associated with it) or it can
be an ARBN name, or it can be a registered business name, registered in
one of the states or territories.    Anyone who has none of those isn't
permitted by regular commercial law to trade in AU (other than local
residents trading under their regular pesonal names only) - the trading
name must be registered.   This, it is possible to get a domain
name for anyone legally trading in AU (individuals not using a trading name
are a slightly hard case, but they're also a rarity).

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