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Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 14:43:11 +1100 (EST)
| How does one become a member of ADNA?

From the ADNA Memorandum of Association: (see

 2.2.1 ADNA consists of the following classes of members:
         Full Members; Associate Members; and Life Members.
 2.3 Qualification for Full Membership
       Any Organisation that is a non-profit organisation, its objects
       including the development and furtherance of the Internet or aspects
       of the Internet, may apply to be a Full Member.
 2.4 Qualification for Associate Membership
       Any Domain Name Administrator may apply to become an Associate Member.
 2.5 Qualification for Life Membership
       Any natural person, Organisation or Entity that has rendered
       distinguished service to ADNA, or the objects of ADNA may be admitted
       by a resolution of the Board as a Life Member.
| How does one go about becoming a board member of ADNA?

Full and Associate members pay $1000 a year fees.
Up to 6 Board members are nominated and elected by the Full members,
and 2 Board members are nominated and elected by the Associate members.
A Life member has no voting rights.

| If not what is the most effective way of having ones opinions and those of
| numerous others heard by the board?

I'm not sure.  ISOC-AU has been in discussion with ADNA since August 1997
(as discussed in their meeting minutes) without any effective progress 
being apparent.

Kate Lance
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