Re: DNS: Most ADNA Members hold interests in Profit Based Companies.

Re: DNS: Most ADNA Members hold interests in Profit Based Companies.

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Sun, 01 Mar 1998 15:39:19 +1000
>What I think the main Conflict of interest area that Adam and others are
>talking about is the fact that the board must vote on the proposals for new
>I would suspect that at least one or maybe two or more of the Directors
>would like one of their companies to become a DNS registrar, am I way off
>here?, let me know if the board members and or companies they are involved
>with will be expressly excluded from the DNS Registrar role.

It's like a competition.  The law states that Employees and Members of
their familes are not permitted to enter.

Same rules apply here.

Stephen Baxter has already indicated that there is no way SE - his Internet
Company in South Australia - will NOT be established as a Registry under
ADNA.  That is clealry a conflict of interest.

>I firmly believe all involved with the current board can and do act in a
>totally professional way with the interests of ADNA in mind. However that
>said I do have concerns about board members voting on registrars when they
>themselves may have a vested interest.

I don't belive anyone can under Corporations Law make a desision within
ADNA and operate an Internet Company.

I'd be happy to be educated by someone of legal capacity, but I'm pretty
clear on Corporations Law these days.

>The way to overcome this is to exclude any and all companies they have any
>involvement with from the process of DNS registrar.

But Stephen has indicated this won't happen.  So perhaps he should resign?
From ADNA or SE?  ANd relinquich any shares.  BTW it woudl still be seen as
a conflict if he hands the shares to his wife/girlfriend.

That is the exact reason I can't particiapte in the current ADNA mode.  My
wife even owns a company that profits from Internet.

>This may be easier said than done as we know it is possible to become a
>director of an entity at any given point in that entities life without any
>trouble, as it is easy to become a shareholder.

I agree totally.  But ADNA can balance the situation by involving Community
Leaders.  There are Tens of Thousands of them aroudn who would jump at the

Lets try for once in this coutnry to get something right, rather than creap
up and creat it and hope no one notices.

I've noticed and I'll go as loud and strong against it until it's changed.
Never take on a person with lots of time on his hands :)

>Some more questions I have for the board are:-
>1.    Will MebIT automatically be given a role as DNS registrar?

That's one question that I know someone else woudl like answered.

>2.    How many registrars are proposed for .AU

Should there be a number? If so what is the criteria? What about issuing
Draft Criteria for public comment.

It woudl be advisable to advertise this critera on mail lists, Web SItes
and in the Major News papers to ensure EVERYONE has a fair opportunity to

Anything else could be considered restrictive.

I'm sure EVERYONE knows I'm interested, so I'd even expect to reveive a
personal "SPAM" of this policy for my comments.  I'm certianly a fairly
credible person in the industry - no question about that.

>A comment I have in regard to the ADNA meetings.
>All meetings of ADNA should be open to the public at ALL times, or at least
>if someone wants to attend they should submit a request and the board would
>either grant or decline that request based on the requests merits.

The board should have only PUBLIC meetings and have a quesiton time where
the public can pose questiosn to the board to answer immediately or with

You can't have a Public organisation operating behind closed doors.  It
just doesn' work that way.

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