Re: DNS: Most ADNA Members hold interests in Profit Based Companies.

Re: DNS: Most ADNA Members hold interests in Profit Based Companies.

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Sun, 01 Mar 1998 15:39:26 +1000
>ADNA is not perfect.

When is anything :)   Ask Geoff Huston about UDPotimus :)

>Direct help in fixing it is appreciated, we will listen to any comment, I

I've heard this time and time again. IAHC were really good as saying this
and when 200 people sent comments they were all ignored and IAHC - 20 odd
members - continued in it's direction.  20 vs 200?  I think not.

>would love it for ADNA meetings to public affairs (with strcily controlled
>agenda - they go too long now with only a few attending).

A simple agenda is required.  It's easy to do.  The Board has issues to
deal with and that's the Agenda.  A period of question time, lets say
limited to 30 minutes and maybe extended if required, is applied before and
maybe after the meeting.

ADNA must ensure anyone can put forward a question.  A decison would need
to be made as to whether questions need to be raised by the present Public
or permitted via email.

I don't have to tell you any of this, I could just scheme in the bacground,
issue a series of Federal Court warrants, apply for orders to suspend the
actions of ADNA and every commercial company associated, cause audits of
the Associations and blah blah blah.

It's possible to keep everyone so busy nothing every happens.  But what's
the point?  Doesn't exactly solve the problem?

So lets get back to Solving the problem.  ADNA has an interim board that
makes fairly good sense, but does not represent the majority of Internet
Users or Australians.  

Currently it claimes to represent Associations that are mostly made up of
Commercial companies that make profit from internet (ISP's or other).
There is next to NO community input from what I can see and it's heavily
biased towards the ISP's interests.

TIme for Phase 2.  Community Input and expansion of the baord to a suitable
representation of the Australian Populous.

Or are you telling me the consumer and community don't matter a figs bar?

In all honest with a few exceptions I'd not accept email and make it
questions need to be presented in person.  But again this has to be treated
carefully, I can't always attend ADNA meetings outside of Sydney,
especially any in April as I have a baby on the way.  That's just one example.

>I have cc'ed this to the ADNA borad as well - let us make the next meeting
>an open affair.

That would be nice to see. I probably can't make it though.  Not at this
time, I have pressing international DNS affairs in high mode right now.

But I'd be happy to have my public comments put forward to the board for
discussion and copies of the minutes sent to me detailing the discussion
and outcome.

I also think ADNA should document the entire meeting in HANSARD fashion and
public the contents on a Web Site.

This is very critical.  The IAHC did not do this and it jepardised their
credability because later down track they couldn't remember what was said
by whom and on what issues and thius argued in public about the matter.

I'm not suggesting any of this to be difficult because I'm not a part of
ADNA.  I'm suggesting this as a person who has concerns.

I really don't care what you guys decide. I can always be vocal aanyway.
That's my right and I'm listened to.  I won't always be loved by everyone,
but having enough support is all that is necessary to rock a boat.

Lets not build a Titanic like the IAHC, lets build an ADNA that stays aflot

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