Re: DNS: Most ADNA Members hold interests in Profit Based Companies.

Re: DNS: Most ADNA Members hold interests in Profit Based Companies.

From: James Austin <jea§>
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 17:59:59 +1000
>A Director may not vote on or be present during the consideration by the
>board of any matter in which the Director has, directly or indirectly, a
>material personal interest. If a Director votes in contravention of this
>article that Directors vote is not counted.

>A Director who is not entitled to vote or to be present during the
>consideration of a matter, may not be counted in any quorum required for a
>meeting of the Board.

So from the above does this means that:-

1.    Peter Gerrand is excluded from meetings and voting on any subject
matter involving
       DNS by virtue he has a personal interest as ceo of MiT?
2.    Like wise Michael Malone (ASN.AU) by virtue he is also a DNS

The fact that all of the current directors are some how connected with ISP's
is not of concern as this is to be expected, as stated previously Lawyers do
law reform and Accountants do Tax reform so it stands to reason that ISP's
or persons from the Internet community do DNS/Internet reform.

What is of concern is the fact that the CEO of MiT (current
registrar) sits on the board and is able to make decissions (by way of

Also that the currnt directors have not expressed their future plans.

Please let us know:-

1.    Do any of the current directors of ADNA plan to be involved with any
entity, be it
       director, shareholder or some other connection (ie: inter company
shareholdings etc)
       which shall bid for a role as a DNS registrar.

If so would it not be better to resign and cause no further conflic of
interest debate.

It is obvious that Peter Gerrand will remain as CEO of MiT and that they
will remain as a DNS registrar so would Peter stand aside and let the board
vote on a replacement.

This would solve some of the conflict of interest debate, Peter could still
be involved through consultantion etc.

James Austin

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