Re: DNS: Most ADNA Members hold interests in Profit Based Companies.

Re: DNS: Most ADNA Members hold interests in Profit Based Companies.

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Sun, 01 Mar 1998 19:22:22 +1000
>Please answer the question :
>Who would you have on the board of ADNA ?

Are you asking for Professional Advice?  Can you supply the agreement you
on behalf of ADNA wish me to supply a list of possibel candidates to ADNA?
I dont want to waste my time doing research and contacting peopel asking
for permision to put their name forward just because YOU as Stephen Baxter
ask for it?

An offical request from ADNA I'll accept and carry out.

>Please supply names - if you can't please do not reply.

Oh I can, if you read the message, you will realise I did supply a number
of names or suggestions.  Of course you wish to play games and avoid the
fact I provided information.

Try reading the message.

>If you can answer this with names please do otherwise I will take that as
>you having no answers.

Better read my message then.

I'll see if you can then print the one FULL name I mentioned.

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