Re: DNS: Most ADNA Members hold interests in Profit Based Companies.

Re: DNS: Most ADNA Members hold interests in Profit Based Companies.

From: James Austin <jea§>
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 20:04:23 +1000

Should your company SE Networks P/L decide (that is you as director of) to
apply to become a registrar for DNS in .au, would you resign from the board
of ADNA immediately?

In fact do you think then there would be a clear conflict and as such any
director not just yourself should in fact resign from the board.

That is any current director with a clear interest in DNS Registrar services
whether it be for profit or not has a conflict of interest in this matter,
sure they should be included in consultation but should not hold an
administrative position within ADNA nor any other organisation charged with
policy making for DNS under .au.

I totally agree that the whole DNS thing needs a lot of time and effort to
get it right, the conflict of interest thing has everyone baffled.

I would like to join the board of ADNA, however I plan to have my company
put forward an application for DNS registrar under .au so I cannot and
furthermore would not consider a position, however I still wish to have the
meetings open to public as I wish to attend and have some input to the

James Austin

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From: Stephen Baxter <steve&#167;>
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Date: Sunday, 1 March 1998 7:08
Subject: Re: DNS: Most ADNA Members hold interests in Profit Based

>>  1.    Do any of the current directors of ADNA plan to be involved with
>>  entity, be it director, shareholder or some other connection (ie: inter
>>  company shareholdings etc) which shall bid for a role as a DNS
>Our company has no such plan at this time, it is not even on the drawing
>My motivation for joining the process was born from the frustration of
>waiting months on end for domain name rejections, for the want of a more
>professional system, to see a very diverse DNS system, not just the
>present 2LD's but others. This is what I want - I will work to that end on
>behalf of the SAIA. The opinions we have had raised in SAIA the last time
>it was spoken about was that any move to more open and fair competition
>and access to DNS services regardless of the 2LD is a good thing.
>>  If so would it not be better to resign and cause no further conflic of
>>  interest debate.
>>  It is obvious that Peter Gerrand will remain as CEO of MiT and that they
>>  will remain as a DNS registrar so would Peter stand aside and let the
>>  vote on a replacement.
>The only way that ADNA can actually get any control over any name spaace
>policy in Australia is to get concencus and lots of it, we need concensus
>from two main areas and one other :
>o      The Internet community : business and user groups, educational,
>       government (gov users not regulatory);
>o      The present stake holders under .au :
>        o  .au
>        o
>        o
>        o,
>        o
>        o
>        o  anybody else I forgot (mainstream heirachy - not unrecognised
>           offshoots)
>[this is not a statement that says ADNA wants it all - this is not a
>statement that says ADNA plans to 'get control' of the above mentioned
>domains - this is merely a 2LD listing and other - nothing more - people
>or DNS groupings that make sense to have involved.]
>o      The government appointed regulatory body if the ACA sees fit.
>>  This would solve some of the conflict of interest debate, Peter could
>>  be involved through consultantion etc.
>Peter/MIT are a voluntary part of the debate and the process, all stake
>holders are needed at the table - ADNA (nor any other body) can force
>anything at all (maybe the ACA if things fall to hell). It requires
>cooperation. I beleive it is better to get all stakeholders as it stands
>now to A table - somewhere.
>I beleive that the meetings should be more public and have stated so on
>this list.
>I look forward to seeing pressure brought to bear that list real changes
>that can be made. Do not expect people to help you to change something
>when they do not see it as broken (if at all) as perhaps you do.
>We all really want answers, we all really a fairer DNS system in
>Australia, please help to reach our goal by suggestions.
>If you believe we are all biased please do not expect us to step aside
>when there is none to replace us - please help us find answers - if we are
>biassed then find people to depose us - do not just tell us to go.
>We need people on ADNA who will work to an end for the group they
>represent (non profit organisations) and to give usefull and constructive
>ADNA needs a more independant chairperson (the original name that was
>floated was a Roger [BD].... - cannot remember or find my original notes),
>this was identified at the first meeting - it would be a great start if an
>independant one of those could be found by the Adelaide meeting (if the
>meeting is in Adelaide, I have two responses from ADNA members who see no
>problem with this so I suppose that makes it three in favour).
>Does anybody have a name that we could float as a chairperson ?
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