Re: DNS: Most ADNA Members hold interests in Profit Based Companies.

Re: DNS: Most ADNA Members hold interests in Profit Based Companies.

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 1998 00:32:35 +1000
>>  1.    Do any of the current directors of ADNA plan to be involved with any
>>  entity, be it director, shareholder or some other connection (ie: inter
>>  company shareholdings etc) which shall bid for a role as a DNS registrar.
>Our company has no such plan at this time, it is not even on the drawing
>My motivation for joining the process was born from the frustration of
>waiting months on end for domain name rejections, for the want of a more
>professional system, to see a very diverse DNS system, not just the
>present 2LD's but others. This is what I want - I will work to that end on
>behalf of the SAIA. The opinions we have had raised in SAIA the last time
>it was spoken about was that any move to more open and fair competition
>and access to DNS services regardless of the 2LD is a good thing.

But your company SE Network Access Pty Ltd is a PISP with Melbourne IT and
does perform in the capacity as a Registry for it's (SE Net) clients?

>>  If so would it not be better to resign and cause no further conflic of
>>  interest debate.
>>  It is obvious that Peter Gerrand will remain as CEO of MiT and that they
>>  will remain as a DNS registrar so would Peter stand aside and let the
>>  vote on a replacement.
>The only way that ADNA can actually get any control over any name spaace
>policy in Australia is to get concencus and lots of it, we need concensus

This I can't disagree with.

>from two main areas and one other :
>o      The Internet community : business and user groups, educational,
>       government (gov users not regulatory);

I'ts not going to get much whilst the baord consists of ONLY ISP's and
Registries with a clear commercial profit interest.

>o      The present stake holders under .au : 
>        o  .au 
>        o
>        o
>        o,
>        o
>        o

Fair enough.

>        o  anybody else I forgot (mainstream heirachy - not unrecognised
>           offshoots)

Could you define "unrecognised offshots" so I know what you are talking about.

>[this is not a statement that says ADNA wants it all - this is not a
>statement that says ADNA plans to 'get control' of the above mentioned
>domains - this is merely a 2LD listing and other - nothing more - people
>or DNS groupings that make sense to have involved.]

But clearly if ADNA was made up form the right group and mix of people,
there woudl be very very little - if any - objection to ADNA being the
Administrative body for .AU.

Wouldn't that sound fair?

>o      The government appointed regulatory body if the ACA sees fit.

I think the ACCC would find themselves interested.

>>  This would solve some of the conflict of interest debate, Peter could
>>  be involved through consultantion etc.
>Peter/MIT are a voluntary part of the debate and the process, all stake
>holders are needed at the table - ADNA (nor any other body) can force
>anything at all (maybe the ACA if things fall to hell). It requires
>cooperation. I beleive it is better to get all stakeholders as it stands
>now to A table - somewhere.

But clearly not all the stakeholders are defined.  When you refer to DNS,
you must encompass ALL OF THE DNS in Australia, not the bits you feel like

It's clear I have a very strong committment to DNS in AUstralia and the
world over, it's also clear I have a strong infrastructure for DNS -
operational and growing.

It would be wise to include someone who has and currently is running TRUE
ROTO SERVERS, as certainly NONE of the above are, nor will.

>I beleive that the meetings should be more public and have stated so on
>this list. 

Yes, you have and we appreciate that.  I'd go one step further and say
TOTALLY public, not just "more" public.

>I look forward to seeing pressure brought to bear that list real changes
>that can be made. Do not expect people to help you to change something
>when they do not see it as broken (if at all) as perhaps you do. 

ADNA isn't "broken" it just has teething problems.  The problems have been
identified - at least the first few.  If ADNA and the Community can resolve
those issues quickly and fairly, then ADNA can move onto it's next round of

I assure you Stephen, your input so far has been great, but your only one
of 7 (?) other members.  When are they also going to speak forward?  Or are
you an Authoritive Spokes Person?

>We all really want answers, we all really a fairer DNS system in
>Australia, please help to reach our goal by suggestions.

Yep, totally agree.  But make the Community come first.  The rest falls
into place afterwards.

>If you believe we are all biased please do not expect us to step aside
>when there is none to replace us - please help us find answers - if we are
>biassed then find people to depose us - do not just tell us to go. 

Fair enough comment. Appreciate the sentiment, but note also we can't just
drop names around a public list.  People who we feel might be suitable need
to be contacted first.  I can't contact anyone because I haev no authority
to contact anyone on behalf of or in reference to ADNA. I would need some
kind of authority to contact suggested people and ask their permission to
be submitted.

>ADNA needs a more independant chairperson (the original name that was
>floated was a Roger [BD].... - cannot remember or find my original notes),
>this was identified at the first meeting - it would be a great start if an
>independant one of those could be found by the Adelaide meeting (if the
>meeting is in Adelaide, I have two responses from ADNA members who see no
>problem with this so I suppose that makes it three in favour).
>Does anybody have a name that we could float as a chairperson ?

Yes I do, but again do I have authority to go to the person and say:

Hi Potential Chairperson, I'd like to suggest your name to ADNA ... blah
blah blah ... who woudl like to see if you might make an approriate

I can't do that without authority from ADNA, I'm not going to put my name
on the line with people I respect on a whim that turns out to be a farce.

That's totally unprofessional and very unacceptable in the Community.

We've constructed a list of around 38 people to contact that might be
interested.  I'd estimate 5 will be keen to take an interest, 2 might be
after they attend a meeting to see if ADNA is professional enough or just a
..... whatever word you like, and the rest will probably decline, but you
don't know unless you ask.

Incidently I'm not one of them.  I stand by my earlier comments that unless
the Membership criteria changes, I would hold myself in a conflict of

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