Re: (Fwd) Re: DNS: Suggested ADNA Board Members

Re: (Fwd) Re: DNS: Suggested ADNA Board Members

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Thu, 05 Mar 1998 11:24:30 +1000
>> far kre is lord high grand governor general and is dictating exactly
>> how they will operate in terms of what names they approve.
>> unprecedented. unaceptable. unfair.

Paul Brooks trumpts:

>Garbage Vic. The success of the Internet itself is due mainly to 
>individuals and small groups getting off their butts and innovating 
>first, then showing the world. Design-by-committee is precisely why 
>ISO/OSI failed, and TCP/IP triumphed.

You now that's probably a very good example.  Consider it stolen for my
talks later this year.  I'll remember to credit you for it :)

>I can't recall the exact phrase, but it goes something like 'working code,
>and rough consensus'.

Sounds like DNS to me :)  Notice how it just appeared some years ago and
has worked really really well ... until IAHC and ADNA?  And now in Bulgaria
someone is trying to take .BG over as well.  All 100 ISP's over there
signed a petition.  Not a bad effort really.

>You may belive it to be unfair, even unacceptable, but 
>having one individual volunteer to provide an essential service that 
>keep the Internet roughly on track for the majority certainly isn't 
>unprecedented - in fact, you owe your livelihood to it.

Yes this is true. Except when that individual is stuck in a time warp and
is being harrassed by 300 peopel to make 300 decisions that are all
different.  Then you have a problem and that's when some kind of
Administration needs to be established.

Remember IP use to only rn between three locations and slowly expanded.  It
all started in 1974, it wasn't until 1994 (close enough) that the Public
really knew it even existed.

I remember developing from tool kits in 1980's (mid), and people of high
regard in Australian Technology were laughing at me because I was wasting
my time developing with IP. "Netbios was the way to go. It works, it's
there now.  Why reinvent what works?"

As you can see Netbios is now little but a thing of the past.  Don't even
need it for your Microsoft Network.  Just plain good ol' IP.

Where are those people today?  Some are ISP's, I bump into them every
nown-then.  Some have vanished completely, some are watching the world go
by because they are really not up to all these new fangled things, that
were really there before their time anyway.

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