Re: DNS: New .au Registrars and Domain

Re: DNS: New .au Registrars and Domain

From: Deus Ex Machina <vicc§>
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 00:17:46 +1000 (EST)
coments on new registrar applications.

2.1.1 his condition seems to have been copied from the core/gtld
conditions, which may be appropriate on a global scale, but I would
suggest $100k would probaly be more in keepin with the limit size
of the Australian market.

2.5 is a bit of a tautology.

5.1.1 the terminology is historical and really needs to be revaluated
	its hard to imagine how adna or a dna can license a name
	back to its owner. I wonder how coca cola would feel about
	having to buy back its trademark from dna.
	I think the correct terminology should be license a registration
	not license a name. neither adna nor any dna have any rights
	to any names.
6.4.2 is not clear. surely its up to the dna to determine its own pricing.

6.6 is not clear.

6.7 what happens if someone has a complaint against the registry or adna

6.9 TIO charges the ISP for a complaint against it. why is threatening
to charge the complainant?

it seems from the document that the only tangible conditions are
that an applying registrar need only show liquidity and have a perm
link? is this what was intended?

I would have thought that a registrar must at least provide some
sort of service such as be able to collect money online and provide
an interface into the registry system. without these then a registrar
isnt actually providing any service.

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