Re: DNS: New .au Registrars and Domain

Re: DNS: New .au Registrars and Domain

From: Ramin Marzbani <ramin§>
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 08:28:24 +1000
For anyone interested, 6th survey of ISPs gave back the following feedback:
Q; What do you think about the Australian Domain Name Administration (ADNA)?

DNR			1.1%
IT'S A SHAM		19.7%
I DON'T CARE		7.4%

Deus Ex Machina wrote:
> coments on new registrar applications.
> 2.1.1 his condition seems to have been copied from the core/gtld
> conditions, which may be appropriate on a global scale, but I would
> suggest $100k would probaly be more in keepin with the limit size
> of the Australian market.
> 2.5 is a bit of a tautology.
> 5.1.1 the terminology is historical and really needs to be revaluated
>         its hard to imagine how adna or a dna can license a name
>         back to its owner. I wonder how coca cola would feel about
>         having to buy back its trademark from dna.
>         I think the correct terminology should be license a registration
>         not license a name. neither adna nor any dna have any rights
>         to any names.
> 6.4.2 is not clear. surely its up to the dna to determine its own pricing.
> 6.6 is not clear.
> 6.7 what happens if someone has a complaint against the registry or adna
> iself?
> 6.9 TIO charges the ISP for a complaint against it. why is threatening
> to charge the complainant?
> it seems from the document that the only tangible conditions are
> that an applying registrar need only show liquidity and have a perm
> link? is this what was intended?
> I would have thought that a registrar must at least provide some
> sort of service such as be able to collect money online and provide
> an interface into the registry system. without these then a registrar
> isnt actually providing any service.
> Vic

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