Re: DNS: ADNA first year report

Re: DNS: ADNA first year report

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Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 19:17:09 +1000

Everything else OK though ??  :-)


Date:          Mon, 04 May 1998 10:46:24 +1000
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Subject:       DNS: ADNA first year report
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ADNA has been in existence for two weeks short of a year now, so I
thought I'd sketch an annual report from the point of view of an
observer of the progress.  Sorry that it should be so negative, but
after one year I think it's reasonable for the community to have
expected tangible results, as opposed to positive statements of
position etc.

Let's hope the year 2 scene looks significantly better.


1. No delegation of authority from the .au authority, Robert Elz.

2. No progress on building consensus.
   Parties that remain outside the process include: ISOC-AU, AVCC,,, and as of a few months ago
   Evolution: none, except that has withdrawn from the

3. No compromises visible on the "roadblock" issues, including
   board representation or membership criteria.
   Evolution: none, membership and board composition is identical,
   except for resignations and withdrawals.  Perhaps this is a little
   strong, and one or two folks have come on board?

4. No significant sources of funding have been put in place.
   Evolution: none, ADNA still relies on $1,000 contributions
   from the (<10) members.

5. No chair has been formally appointed.

6. No operational infrastructure
   No office space, staff, network connectivity or software
   infrastructure (eg. SRS) has been tendered or put in place.

7. No new second-level domains
   Evolution: two forums focused on trademark community.
   Proposals for both and strongly rejected.

8. No competition within any second-level domain.
   Evolution: documents written etc, but no tangible results.

ADNA members (all of whom are on the board):
Luke Carruthers IIA luke&#167;
Peter Gerrand Melbourne IT ceo&#167;
Mark Hughes Tradegate;
Kevin Dinn IIA kevin&#167;
Allan Horsley ATUG horsleya&#167;
Michael Malone ASN.AU mmalone&#167;
Peter Cooper WAIA comrade&#167;

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