RE: DNS: Issues relating to

RE: DNS: Issues relating to

From: Peter Clark <pjcoz§>
Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 14:29:25 +1000
> So the questions are:

> 1. Should be first come first served?
Yes, they all should as long as it's a current PRODUCT of the company, how
are you going to decide this ? Will room be made for a company to get a
domain for a product about to be launched ?

> 2. If yes - then why not make the same?

Why not indeed?

A) Is this the same question as a Free-for-all 2ld ?

> 3. Should we create a new 2ld for first come first served instead?

Not necessarily. I think they should all be first come first served, but I
think there should be some domain space for the Internet community members
that want their own without having a company. Free-for-all space would be
much more applicable.

> 4. Should we allow new 2lds to be launched before competing
> registrars exist?

no - obviously not. Has anyone taken the time before this to ask this
question ??
This is not become a government de-regulated market merely to pass the
responsibility and money that obviously goes with it to either IIA or
ISOC/ISOC-AU. Competition is at the heart of this.... Who will choose and
what is the criteria for Registrar determination in this ?

Is the question now asked for a reason on IIA's part ?

I think some more fundamental questions really need to be asked here given
the obvious debacle that a single registrar has given us so far.


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