Re: DNS: Issues relating to

Re: DNS: Issues relating to

From: Antony <antony§>
Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 13:19:39 +1000 (EST)
> So the questions are:
> 1. Should be first come first served?

No, I think they company/business should have a product that is identifiable
(eg, through a product release and packaging, or through it being a known
service that the company provides).

If anyone could register or similar, there would be an uproar
from the TM holders, alot of legal issues would ensue, and I'm sure that the
registrar could not be excluded from any legal action.

> 2. If yes - then why not make the same? is for companies and businesses and I believe it should remain that
an identifiable link between the company/business name and the name

> 3. Should we create a new 2ld for first come first served instead?

I'm not certain we (or anyone) should have a domain like this, but if one
must exist then it should not be any one of the current or currently proposed

(And no, I don't believe .NET and .COM should be doing this either)

Perhaps it could be a sub-domain of .COM.AU ( I am not in
favour of increasing the number of 2LD's that there are, and in fact I
believe some of the "more exclusive" ones (eg, should be closed down,
or opened up to everyone (or at least network providers).

> 4. Should we allow new 2lds to be launched before competing registrars exist?

No, the most important issue in Aus DNS today is competition in the
namespace. Registrars should be allowed to select any and all hierarchies
that they wish to support and no one registrar should take control of a new
hierarchy unless the others agree.


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