Re: DNS: ADNA first year report

Re: DNS: ADNA first year report

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Wed, 06 May 1998 22:42:57 +1000
>observer of the progress.  Sorry that it should be so negative, but

Why apologies?  I'm sure an ADNA board member will retrospectively
"correct" your negativeness with positive matters.

>8. No competition within any second-level domain.
>   Evolution: documents written etc, but no tangible results.

9.  Stephen Baxter Resigned admist preasure on the issu eof allowing board
members to be registrars.

10. Only 17% of the ISP community support ADNA

11. 29% don't even know what ADNA is.

12. 19% don't support ADAN.

13. Remainder Don't care.

>ADNA members (all of whom are on the board):
>Luke Carruthers IIA luke&#167;

You mean Director Magna Data - Commercial ISP.

>Peter Gerrand Melbourne IT ceo&#167;

Nothing hidden there :)

>Mark Hughes Tradegate;
>Kevin Dinn IIA kevin&#167;

Kevin Dinn Director (??) Zip Internet 

>Michael Malone ASN.AU mmalone&#167;

You mean Director IINET 

>Peter Cooper WAIA comrade&#167;

I'm sure if I did a name search on the ASC registry it will show something

Overall not bad for a first year of negligent support.

And in the mean time over 500 Domain Name Registrations in the COM.AUS and
NET.AUS name space have been completed.  Not bad for the first 4 months of

AURSC membership has increased by 400% in the last 3 months. An excellent
quarter considing the lack of advertising.

I wonder ...

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