Re: DNS: fasttraking competion

Re: DNS: fasttraking competion

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Wed, 06 May 1998 22:45:52 +1000
>I propose that the only way to get competition is to allow prospective
>DNAs to cofund the registry software as required. as is currently being
>demonstrated we can be having this discussion next year if we leave it up
>to the incumbant registrar.

Software is available under licence or with agreement to allow
registrations (may the best man win on the latter).

It's been offered 4 times now.  No one has asked me to demonstrate it.  I
have been asked to hand it over - yeah right and I'm an idiot too.  I'll
hand it over as long as a BANK cheque for $250K comes my way.

>can we please have a response form the board on the issue of allowing
>porspective registrars funding the required software to bring on competion.

No funding necessary.  Software exists.  It's been tested and developed for
over 18 months now.  Happy to quickly redevelop any interface part.  

>It is my beleif that if we allow propespective registrars to cofund required
>software we will have real competion within a month.

It's available.  I can have REAL competition running in a matter of days
actually.  No resources necessary from anyone really. Although happy to
provide client end registration applications for WEB or UNIX.

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