Re: DNS: fasttraking competion

Re: DNS: fasttraking competion

From: Michael Malone <mmalone§>
Date: Wed, 06 May 1998 21:37:52 +0800
> Software is available under licence or with agreement to allow
> registrations (may the best man win on the latter).

Draft Software is available for free,  at:

The software has actually been in use, on a live 2LD (ASN.AU),
for several months.  The software is in the public domain.
No, its not well written, but its there, and its working now.
The design is sound.

I also call for expressions of interest to act as registrars within
ASN.AU. Interested parties should email me directly, with an intention
to add a small number of new registrars to ASN.AU by the end of
this month, in order to adequately test the software in a true
multi registrar environment.

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