Re: DNS: fasttraking competion

Re: DNS: fasttraking competion

From: Geoff Huston <gih§>
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 10:42:37 +1000
I have not discussed this with Michael yet, but I too
am willing to put the second level domains I look after
through Michael's process as well, and add a number
of registrars into these domain as well.

(Thinking aloud) Perhaps the best move is to see this proposal through, and by June, if this has worked
for in Michael's assessment, we can do the same
for a few more second level domains.


At 09:37 PM 5/6/98 +0800, Michael Malone wrote:
>> Software is available under licence or with agreement to allow
>> registrations (may the best man win on the latter).
>Draft Software is available for free,  at:
>The software has actually been in use, on a live 2LD (ASN.AU),
>for several months.  The software is in the public domain.
>No, its not well written, but its there, and its working now.
>The design is sound.
>I also call for expressions of interest to act as registrars within
>ASN.AU. Interested parties should email me directly, with an intention
>to add a small number of new registrars to ASN.AU by the end of
>this month, in order to adequately test the software in a true
>multi registrar environment.


Geoff Huston
Internet Technology, Telstra

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