Re: DNS: Issues relating to

Re: DNS: Issues relating to

From: Peter Clark <pjc§>
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 10:33:30 +1000
Thanks for the reply Simon,

I do understand we needed some change when Domain Name Rego's were taking
6-8 weeks at one point (I never did get rid of that grey hair Mr Elz! <g>)
however doesn't anyone think that having Peter Gerrand on the board is a
conflict of interest ?

I must admit I haven't touched this list for around 9 months or so. But
given that time and knowing a little of what was happening then, I'm a
little surprised that other Registrar's are not ready to go. Melbourne IT's
induction was short and sweet (at least for Peter Gerrand etc..) which was
the need at the time, why not make it so again in the name of competition?
Is Peter's inclusion in the board the reason this is not so ?

You guys have to admit it begs the question... it's almost "silly" :)

The ADNA Web site was unavailable at the time of my last post, I see that
progress has been made in the documentation section and I think given the
financials of ADNA at the moment you guys should be complimented on what HAS
been done - I know what those documents must have taken. However, the
financial situation of ADNA also begs the question : If you have no real
support from the Internet Community, perhaps this mechanism should reside

In any other industry where the "boys club" has in the past been demolished
BY COMPETITION, this would not be allowed to go on for long.

Peter Clark

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From: Simon Hackett <simon&#167;>
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Date: Wednesday, May 06, 1998 11:02 PM
Subject: RE: DNS: Issues relating to

>>Who created this closed-shop environment in relation Melbourne.IT ?
>"we" did, Peter - the community of interested parties.
>There is a mechanism (or rather, a body charged with creating a mechanism)
>to open up competition in the australian namespace in terms of registry
>service providers. Unfortunately it has produced no actual outcomes in its
>first year of operation, despite a good start and a lot of effort on the
>part of a lot of people.
>Sooner or later, a relevant element of the government will perhaps  give up
>waiting and forcibly cause competition to happen. I sincerely hope 'we' get
>our act in gear before that happens :)
>In brief, the way it works is this:
>- ADNA (or someone) manages the nearly impossible: putting a proposal on
>this mailing list which NOONE objects to, and which provides a mechanism
>for competition to occur in parallel to Melbourne IT in the provision of
>commercial delegation services in the namespace.
>- that community-agreed mechanism and/or additional registrars are
>presented to Robert Elz for consideration as additional operators in the
> namespace
>(if that is established as what 'the community' does really want, that is)
>- Robert Elz says 'yep' and they all get on with it.
>[Robert - my apologies if I have misinterpreted the steps above, or got
>them wrong in some regard - if I have, a correction in this list would
>undoubtedly assist us all in understanding the processes here]
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